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Scholarship Week Resources

The MSCSA works with all the student senate offices in coordinating two Scholarship Weeks annually. One is held in the fall and the other in the spring. This year’s fall Scholarship Week will be Wednesday, October 12 – Wednesday, October 19.  The deadline for scholarship applications is Tuesday, November 1, 2016!

Form a promotional team within your student senate office and spread the word about MSCSA scholarship opportunities on your campus. You'll want to set up an information table in high traffic areas and talk with students about how they can make college more affordable by applying for scholarships. You will also want to make sure to collect email addresses from interested students on the Scholarship Information Contact Sheet and submit the form to the MSCSA office for a Star Campus point.  Star Campus is a great way to help your campus reach students and engage them in MSCSA and the community and promote college affordability.









All scholarship information including criteria information for each scholarship, online application form, and instructions how to upload your resume and letters of recommendation can be found on our website.

If you need additional information, please contact MSCSA Public Relations Coordinator Kimberly Thielen at prc@mscsa.org or 651-203-9457.


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