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Kimberly Thielen

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Kimberly Thielen

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Phone: 651-203-9457


Kimberly Thielen is a 19-year-old traditional college student, who was born and raised in central Minnesota. She served as the Vice President of the Saint Cloud Technical and Community College student senate and served on many committees on her campus. Through that experience, she gained a strong passion and respect for the political life.

Kimberly’s first conference was in September of 2015. She was new to MSCSA but soon fell in love with everything the organization stood for. As the year went on, she thought about running for the Public Relations Coordinator (PRC) position on the MSCSA cabinet. Kimberly decided to run in the spring of 2016 and was successful in the election.

Although Kimberly truly enjoys the political life, she plans on pursuing a career in sports medicine and physical therapy. She loves learning about new information, exploring the endless opportunities of the world, and helping people in need.

Kimberly is sincerely excited for the new 2016-17 year to come. She will take the PRC duties and knock it out of the park while making the world of friends.


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