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Cecilia Damian

Cecilia Damian


Inver Hills Community College

Which elected office are you running for?

 Vice President


My name is Cecilia Damian and I am running for Vice President. I am the second youngest with 4 brother, I may be 20 but to them I will always be their baby sister. I am currently attending Inver Hills community college and I'm an active member of the student senate. I have always been very involve in advocacy work. I've had barriers in my life but I always have considered them more as obstacles I will overcome. I use my personal dedication and motivation to get things done. For me when there is a will there is a way. I grew up understanding the meaning of hard work and will always have that with me.


1. What degree or certificate program are you seeking?

I will be getting my associates degree in liberal art. Then I will continue on after in getting my bachelors degree in Political Science.

2. What are your future career plans?

I want to pursue a career in campaign work. I would like to become a campaign manager for a presidential candidate. Then later become a lobbyist in Washington, DC.

3. Please describe your previous student government or professional experience, and how it has prepared you for this position.

In student government I was the legislative director on my student senate at Inver hills community college. I took on the GOTV campaign on my campus. I have also worked and am currently working on recruitment for my senate so we can build a fun and exciting environment with motivated students like myself. I also was an intern for MSCSA during this current campaign. I participated in advocacy day and spoke to my representative on why our issues are important. I also spoke on the high education committee in both the house and senate on how development education has effected me and why it needs to change.

Outside of school I have volunteered with many campaigns and then was a volunteer coordinator for a presidential campaign. Where I really learn how to get organized and stay organized.

Outside of schools and politics I have been working for my family's bar, restaurant and banquet hall for many years. I have learned there it is important to listen to my customers because if they aren't happy then I'm not happy. I also learned that I need to stay on my toes and always be prepared for the unexpected. When working at Valleyfair I trained people how to operate the rides and the people I taught came from all across the world and didn't always speak english, as a leader I took extra time to make sure they felt comfortable with the position.

I strongly feel that my experiences and the skills that I have learned, will help me greatly in being best the best candidate for this position.

4. Why are you running for this position?

I am running for Vice President because I believe that it would be great experience for my future and the career I want to pursue. I also am passionate about making sure 2 year community college and technical college are a priority to Minnesota and making sure our voice are heard. I believe in helping students and helping them develop skills for their future in whatever they want to peruse.

5. What challenges do you see facing Minnesota’s community and technical college students?

I believe that community colleges should be affordable for all students and as of right now it isn't. I see and experience expenses like textbooks increasing every semester and that need to stop.


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