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Tavion Tran

Tavion Tran


Century College

Which elected office are you running for?



Before I tell you why I feel I have the qualifications for the position, I would like to share a little bit more about myself with you all. I am a current student at Century College in which I hold the President position for the Student Senate. I like to think of myself as an honest hardworking individual that would do whatever it takes to complete a job successfully and on time. I believe that I have many valuable experiences that I would love to share and apply to this position. If elected, I plan to put these leadership qualities to work as best I can. I also plan to use these qualities to create new ideas in which the organization could discuss in order to benefit the students. As stated before, if I am to be elected, I plan to do whatever it takes to do a thorough job as Treasurer. I hope that you all will have the confidence in my leaders. Vote Yay for Tay!


1. What degree or certificate program are you seeking?

I'm in the Health Science program here at Century and will eventually transfer to the University to get my Bachelor in Biology and hopefully my Master, then Dental School.

2. What are your future career plans?

My final goal is to work at my dream job (Dentist) while advocating opportunity and equity for everyone.

3. Please describe your previous student government or professional experience, and how it has prepared you for this position.

Confidentially, I’m very involved within my campus. Currently, I hold the role of President for Student Senate, Chair of Planning Activities Committee, and student worker for Student Life at Century College. Through this experience, I have developed many skills that have shaped me to become a leader. I’ve been advocate for the issues that concern student not only at the campus level but also the state. Being an intern for the legislative session agenda at MSCSA and Get Out The Vote, has taught me a lot about our system and how to advocate for students. In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to be Vice President for International Student Association. By being directly involved in many clubs and organizations on campus, it allowed me to provide that direct communication and support for my fellow peers. Finally, I am a Student ambassador on campus. This position helps guide and assists new students during orientations. Recently, I had the opportunity to be in the Leadership Institute to discover and improve my Leadership style. I had a lot of opportunities to work within a diverse group of people to develop my communication skill. Also, I haven't lived with my parents since a very young age, in which I have developed a strong sense of independence. Becoming independent has helped me develop great time management and organizational skills, the ability to communication clearly, being self-sufficient and most importantly how to be a leader. I have always tried to seek out leadership opportunity to help me grow as a person. Reflecting on the many challenges and experiences I have had in my life has shaped me into the student leader I am today.

4. Why are you running for this position?

Being involved within the student senate at Century College for a couple of years has been exceptionally rewarding. Throughout the years, I’ve learned a lot about commitment to students and how much work it takes to organize and get the concerns of the student body heard and resolved. For example, this year I took part in a dialogue with the administration regarding issues and I strongly believe that it’s helped me grow as an individual. Commitment is what I will offer to every component of MSCSA, especially to the students; I want to be the best representative of not only the organization but them as well. Since it is the ideas and concerns that help move MSCSA forward, I want to be the one that continues to ensure that the ideas of the students are heard and acted upon. I believe that I have the desire, motivation and drive to serve the students across the state. I am willing to put all my efforts and ambition into this position as well as each task that I would be given.

5. What challenges do you see facing Minnesota’s community and technical college students?

Education is a priceless gift that one can keep for a lifetime. For me, I am always trying to learn every day because education plays such a vital role in shaping my own character and the leaders I’m surrounded by. Firstly, the most common challenge that a lot of students across the state are facing is college affordability. Our students are struggling being able to survive from day to day costs of living. Education is a necessary asset to becoming mindful and successful in the contemporary world and it helps one being able to face life’s challenges. Everyone has the right to decide what they want to do in their life. Secondly, equity and diversity have always been a critical issue and I realize that it isn’t something that can be resolved overnight but this is an issue of great concern that I intend to work on. Specifically, though, concerns about college readiness is something that is constantly brought up to Student Senate. I strongly believe that we are making headway in resolving some of these concerns, but there is still more that needs to be done. Some of the most important ideas and worries that student government addresses are the ones that come from the important components of MSCSA, you and the student body. That’s why one of my goals is to further increase the involvement of the student body with MSCSA.


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