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Dillon Forcier

Dillon Forcier


Lake Superior College

Which elected office are you running for?

 Governing Council Student-At-Large


My name is Dillon A. Forcier. I was born and raised in Duluth, MN. I grew up with two older brothers, when they weren’t beating me up, they were actually pretty loving. My grandma is a first generation immigrant from Argentina. My parents are self made business owners. I graduated high school from Maple Wood Academy in Hutchinson, MN. A small town about the size of Brainerd, MN. My most favorite thing to do is rock climbing. It provides a rush like mountain biking. But I get to use every single muscle in my body. Not a day goes by that I don’t obsess over taking my rope apart and tying it back up to make sure there are no kinks in it. All in all, my hobbies include anything that brings me outside and connects me with nature.


1. What degree or certificate program are you seeking?

Right now, I am seeking my Associates degree. From there hopefully a bachelor's in political science from either a Metro area school, or back at U of M Duluth. After that my true aspiration would be to get into the U of M law school.

2. What are your future career plans?

My future plans are to become a lobbyist. If you asked me a few months ago what I wanted to lobby for I would have no idea. Now, being apart of MSCSA I’ve found that education is what I would like to lobby for. Even after Advocacy day, talking with legislators was truly a beautiful experience. MSCSA has become a passion, showing me what my future passion will be!

3. Please describe your previous student government or professional experience, and how it has prepared you for this position.

My student government experience starts in Student Senate. I joined fall 2016, and am obviously still very involved. Then a executive board position opened up on our campus in the Spring semester of 2017, so I ran for it. I was elected PRC and am very excited to keep furthering in student government. Student government, I find, is something very beneficial to us. My professional experience is beneficial. I've always helped my father run his company by doing paperwork and handling his appointment book in the summers. So keeping a professional image is very necessary in a commercial real estate company. It was very rewarding, it taught me how to be a professional adult in todays world.

4. Why are you running for this position?

I’m running for this position for two things. First, for the betterment of the association. I think that the GC Student-At-Large is a big position. I want to help further the communication, progress, and agenda of the students with the minority opinion and the association. Secondly, I am running for the experience. As I am considering a career in politics, I find this is the perfect experience. Because everything I do in college is for the experience of the situation. It will help me further in life to have the knowledge of being in a government body as well as listening to student issues across the state.

5. What challenges do you see facing Minnesota’s community and technical college students?

After having some lengthy conversations with some of the current and past GC members, I feel that transparency will be an issue. Something included in this is advisor transparency. We have a senator on our senate who has been given a few sets of different advisors with no prior warning to the shift. Moreover, transparency through Minnesota State and University of Minnesota schools, because a lot of our students in Minnesota's community and technical colleges are on a transfer pathway. Whether that be an associates degree, or a targeted prerequisite program. Our students need the access to get all of their classes transferred in order to get in and out of school and out into our work force. This circles back to transparency with advisors. Having advisors that are inquisitive with their students, so they can help the students choose a plan that best fits their chosen path. As well as communicating with schools that the student may want to transfer into after their experience at the community and or technical college.


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