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Kary Bowser, Candidate for MSCSA President

Kary BowserI graduated from Minneapolis Roosevelt in 1977 as the lead captain of the track team and a High School All America in the sport. I still currently hold the Minneapolis and Regional 5AA Track and Field Championship records in the low/high hurdles respectively. After high school, I enlisted into the United States Air Force and was stationed in Tampa, Florida, for four years. During that time, I inspected, repaired, and maintained the weapons systems on the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F-4 Phantom jets which required strict discipline to detail and teamwork. Achieving, maintain, and sustaining a high level proficiency. This earned me the honor of Airman of The Month. Part of my reward for such a distinct honor was a ride in the back set of the very same jets I worked on.

Having excellent health, I was able to cross-train into flying status. The flying status career field was aircraft loadmaster which meant I was an aircrew member loading and moving cargo and/or passengers anywhere in the world on a moments notice! An example of this was when I was on one of the first cargo aircraft to land in Granada to save and protect U. S. college students from the islanders who wished them harm. Additionally, I was selected to be part of President Ronald Reagan’s Presidential support team on his historic trip to Beijing, China. Receiving an honorable discharge after 10 years of service in the Air Force, I moved to North Carolina and was employed by Postal Service for 14 years. While in the U.S. Postal Service I managed and supervised a shift of 40 employees. I was also selected to be the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) facility inspector which required filling out reports for the plant manager’s review. I trained new and current employees who had to maintain Postal Service proficiency with mail handling; in addition, to being a safety officer. Furthermore, I wrote the weekly mail volume reports which required submission to the regional office. I was also a shop steward and the local treasurer.

Additionally, I chaired a committee to oversee the revision of the local Postal constitution and by-laws. Currently, I’m enrolled full time at Century College serving as an executive member of the student senate. As the Director of Legislation, I advocated for us students in many ways. For example, I was able to get hot food service restored to the pizza and subs offered on the east campus, clocks in the cafeteria, tuition consultation and a host of other student concerns. I also know all the administrators and deans on campus by name and sight. Moreover, as the legislative director, I initiated, established, and still maintain contact with the following state representatives whom I contacted and have visited Century to address students’ concerns. Matt Dean who serves on bonding committee, Carol McFarlane, she serves on the higher education committee, Sandy Rummel, a member of the k-12 education committee. I also have written articles for the Students’ View, one included an interview of MSCSA Legislator of the year award recipients Senator Pappus along with Representative Rukavina at the capitol. coming out in the next issue. I have served as sergeant at arms for a MSCSA election at the fall 2007 General Assembly. Currently, I am the chair of the steering committee and due to the lack of quorum. I personally reviewed the MSCSA Personal Conduct Policy making several minor changes. The recommendations were considered and adopted by the Cabinet.   

Finally, I have returned home to Minneapolis after being away for 28 years looking to fulfill a life long dream of returning to college Moreover, a big part of my dream is to give time and talent back to the community I grew up in. Before I enrolled into Century College I was employed with both the Minneapolis VA and the Hennepin County Adult Correctional Facility. I have been a member of Lutheran Church of the Good Sheppard in Edina, Minnesota for three years. I serve as an assistant minister leading the congregation in prayers and communion. I also serve as a member on the Worship, Music, and the Arts committee of my church. As the Director of Legislation at Century, our constitution mandates that I not only represent student issues and serve on campus wide committees. I am also required to establish and maintain contact with local, state, and federal legislators. To accomplish this I contacted legislators in their offices and went to their town hall meetings. Through this process, I have made many contacts. Furthermore, I have established a rapport with the following Minnesota State Legislators. The duties of the MSCSA Vice President falls right in line with what I am currently doing. Like a hand in glove. With my experience makes me an excellent person for Vice President of MSCSA.

My current goal is to have Century College be my alma mater with an AA Degree. Then, desiring to work towards a four year degree in leadership.


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